Frequently Asked Questions

How many cleaners do you send out?

It depends on the size and condition of your property homes under 3000 ft.² with a low dust level requires one cleaner property with high dust levels and over 3000 ft.² two or more cleaners.

Do they speak English?

English is our cleaners’ primary language. 

What supplies do you use?

We like to keep our products as natural as possible. So we’re big on vinegar. We also use Kaboom, which has a bit of bleach to remove mold and mildew from bathrooms were also known for our homemade smell good fragrance, which is natural and leaves your home smelling fresh. 

Are your cleaners vaccinated?

Yes, and we can present you with their vaccination cards if needed. Our customer’s safety is our #1 priority.

Do you use natural supplies?

If you have allergies and specific sensitivities, we can use the Mrs Meyers brand upon request.

Do you give refunds?

Credits only! We do not give refunds. Please check out our refund policy page for further information. 

How long does cleaning last?

Typical reoccurring properties approximately last 2-3 hours with one cleaner, and deep cleanings take about 5 hours with one cleaner.

Do you provide carpet cleaning?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Do you charge by the hour?

We do not charge by the hour. We charge by the job.

What if I'm not happy with the cleaning?

We do have a 24-hour turnaround policy. So we’re able to turn back around and fix your dissatisfaction.

Do you provide your supplies and equipment?

Yes, we supply all of our supplies. The only things we need from customers are water and electricity. 

Can you guys use my equipment?

Yes, but you will sign a liability waiver that we’re not responsible for if it breaks.

Do you guys provide reoccurring cleaning?

Yes, we do, and all reoccurring cleaning starts at $150.

Booking is less than 2 mins