Covid 19

We now offer COVID 19 DISINFECTING SERVICE to help you create a tailored and effective solution to disinfect and inactive coronavirus in your commercial property, business, healthcare facility or residence. This is our own little way to help the world minimize the spread of the virus. We are using our state of the art Steam Treatment to disinfect your properties more effectively. The CoronaVirus hates warm places and it can be instantly killed under 170° degrees celsius. Our Steam Treatment temperature can be as high as 220°degrees celsius, making the virus disappear in an instant without melting or burning your furniture!

The Steam Treatment is all-natural, no harmful chemicals are used so you don’t need to worry about inhaling a foreign substance that can cause health issues.

We make sure that everyone in our team is in good health before being deployed to an area. Our team is also fully-equipped with respirators, N-95 masks, lab suits, and gloves, for our own safety and yours too!

Booking is less than 2 mins